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What you should know:
  • 3 sharp USA made blades, set at the most optimum spacing & angle.
  • Suits nearly all beard & skin types comfortably.
  • If you’re not sure - go with this

Available Options

* Plan {Pick one based on your shaving routine}:

How Shave Plan works

  • Choose your blade from 3 great options - 2, 3 & 5 blade razors.
  • Choose your shaving frequency - Depending on how often you shave.
  • Start getting automated home deliveries of blades - Quarterly or Half yearly.
  • And thats it, its so simple - Its like a personal butler for your shaving needs.
  • No Membership Fees - You pay only when you receive your parcel & nothing in advance.
  • No Rules - You can change your blade type & anytime you do, the compatible handles on the house.
  • No Commitment - You can change, pause or cancel your plan any time you want.
  • And just like that - You become A Man with A Plan.

Benefits of having a Shave Plan

  • Plans start as low as Rs.297.
  • Thats just Rs. 49.5 per month or Rs.1.65 per shave.
  • WayToShave high quality USA made blades are already priced 50% lower than the leading brands & by subscribing to a Shave Plan you save upto 33% more i.e.Rs.4764 per annum.
  • With the Automated deliveries of fresh blades, you never again have to spend a moment on your shaving needs.
  • Free Shipping - Across all plans.
  • Cash On Delivery - Facility available at No Extra Cost.
  • Cash Savings - HUGE
  • Time Savings - BIGGER THAN HUGE
  • That feeling of always shaving with a fresh blade - PRICELESS

Shave Plan FAQs

  • Your 1st shipment ? You get a Free Razor Handle + Set of Blades.
  • Your 2nd & ongoing shipments ? You get your chosen set of fresh blades.
  • Am I a frequent shaver ? You are, if you shave 4 - 7 times a week.
  • Otherwise ? You choose the Seldom Shaver Plan, if you shave 0 - 3 times a week.
  • Wanna change the Blade type, Shipping address, Plan or if You're out of town? Just email us at or call us at 9599744929 when you receive the prior delivery SMS & Email, well do everything for you.

Although youve been shaving for the better part of your life and youll continue to do so, till the time you roam this planet. Still the study suggests that less than 5% of men are able to keep a mental tab on when they last changed to a fresh blade & almost 100% of men continue to overuse an old & dull blade simply because well.......Men will be Men.

But, if you wanna be a man with a plan & dont wanna worry about maximising a blade to economise your expensive purchase nor you wanna remember to buy fresh blades every time before running out. Then youve gotta SUBSCRIBE NOW & get your stack of fresh blades replenished, without ever having to move a muscle.

  Shave Plan Automated delivery of fresh blades Recurring Purchase You log in to buy every time you run out
Razor Handle Worth Rs.399 FREE FREE
Shipping Charges Rs.49 per Shipment FREE FREE
COD Charges Rs.49 per payment if you opt for cash payment FREE Rs.588
Pack Size 12 Cartridges 4 Cartridges
Pack Price Rs.699 Rs.399
Average Price Per Cartridge Rs.58 Rs.99
Average Savings Over An Year Rs.1992 / 41% This money you save buys you 3 six packs, Huh ! Yes, so what are you waiting for, say cheers - Subscribe now to the coolest WayToShave.

3Blade Ladies Razor

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