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What you should know:
  • Sharp platinum coated USA made blades.
  • If you have hard, rough, thick, coarse or even curly hair - close your eyes & buy this.
  • This is the most economical quality shave you’ll get.

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Why should you buy a double edge safety razor ? Besides the huge savings of costs over a period of time the classic safety razor helps in reduction of razor burns or the redness observed post shave & minimises the razor bumps or small acne that you get especially on your neck after a shave, thus restoring your skin to its natural form.

  Double Edge Safety Razor Five Blade Cartridge Razor
HANDLE Rs.999 FREERs.399
First Stack Of Blades FREEWorth Rs.199 Rs.599
Refill Blades Rs.499Stack of 30 Blades Rs.599Pack Of 4 Cartridges
Average Price Per Blade Rs.16 Rs.149
Average Shaves Per Blade 5-7That's 1 blade per week 10-14That's 1 Cartridge Per 2 weeks
Average Price Per Shave Rs.2.6 Rs.12.4
Total Spends In First Year Rs.1748Straight savings of Rs.1846 in the very 1st year Rs.3594
Yearly Spends Thereafter Rs.749You save a minimum of Rs.2845 per year Rs.3594

ButteryFly Safety Razor

  • Individual Appearance

    heavy metal with inherent grooves. Gripped control in your hand, Power to shave.

  • True butterfly pattern

    Rotate open & close from bottom, Integrated head with body, No need to take parts apart.

  • Precision crafted Performance

    High quality alloy metal with elegant chrome plating, Perfect combination of tradition & modern technology.

  • Fantastic Shaving Experience

    New Micro-Comb lines for beard brush - Preventing hair cross and razor marches smoothly.

  • Safety upgrade

    Revolutionary enclosed razor head,full protection from unexpected cuts.

How to install the blade -:

Rotate the bottom toward counter-clockwise

Open razor head and put WayToShave blade in.

Rotate the bottom toward clockwise direction and close razor head.

  1. Best suited for gentlemen with thick, coarse or even curly hair.
  2. A single sharp blade means a fine slice on the hair base.
  3. No Chance of a thicker hair getting cut under the skin.
  4. Hence, No razor bumps and no redness.
  5. Most economical with tons of class.
  6. Change your blade every shave(just like at the barbers) and feel like a king.

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