The Voices in your head
You think you moustache these questions, but shave them for later.


1. What is the meaning of life?

Good question. Next.

2. So what the f*ck is WayToShave.com?

It’s a shaving club for the endangered species of smart men who like to remain smooth.

3. Why should I give up on my old way to shave and join WayToShave.com?

Because the old way to shave is stupid. It wastes your money, your time, your mind, doesn’t allow you to change blades easily and exploits your sports fetishes.

4. Oh, yeah? Stop complaining. What does this WayToShave.com offer instead?

Changing blades frequently is the best way to shave. And WayToShave allows you to do that easily by offering great quality blades and razors, at best prices, delivered to your home every month, with the peace of mind of not having to worry about changing your blades.

5. Wow, what an inventive idea! Why didn’t anyone else think of this earlier?

Someone did. Dollar Shave Club in the US started this model. Its success inspired us to bring it to India. We did add some of our own bits, but does that matter to your shave?

6. Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

You. The 10th husband of Margery. She likes them smooth, even baby-skinned.    Oh. Spoiler. Sorry. !

8. What is this Shave Plan?

Life has greater plans for you than worrying about changing your blades. So do we.
Based on your frequency of shaving, we send automated shipments of blades every 3 months or every 6 months to your door step so that you’re never out of ammo. And never settle with a dull shave. (No need to remember blades - No need to go & buy blades).

9. 4 blades a month? Isn’t that too frequent changing?

No. Smooth men change every week. A blade will never be as sharp after a few shaves and you’ll not be as sharp if you stretch it. Just dump it after a few sessions and pop a new one regularly. 

10. But they said their blades run for months?

They’re bullshitting & you’ve known it all along? 

11. I know. Are WayToShave blades even good?

You bet. They’re made in the USA (Oh, yeah) of super stainless steel and are platinum-coated and blah and blah. They get the job done just as well. Try them. It starts at just 99 bucks a month. 

12. 99 bucks for 4 blades and a handle, that’s unreal. What’s the catch?

No middlemen. No sportsmen. No brand ego money. 

13. Do you even make money or are you a charity?

Although we like to think of ourselves as working to save the endangered species of smart men, we do make money on everything we sell. Why do you think we’re doing this.
You save money, we make some. Good business. 

14. What am I doing with my life?


15. What can I expect in my 1st box?

A free razor handle + 4 / 5 / 30 blades (depending on the model you choose). And some grass. 
Cooler grass. 

16. What if I need an extra handle?

Just use the option "add extra handle" at the time of checkout and you’re done.

17. When will my package be shipped?

From the moment we receive a confirmed order, we usually take 24 hours to pack and hand over the parcel to our logistics partners, who usually take anywhere between 1 - 7 days (depending on the destination) to get you what you ordered.

18. No COD option is available in payment options at the time of checkout. What do I do?

That means your pin code is not being serviced by our logistics partners for the COD offer. Still, no worries, just write to us at customercare@waytoshave.com and we will try to make alternate arrangements, however, in such a case the delivery may take a little while longer.

19. Can I pay and order over the phone?

Oh, you’re old school, huh? We like that. So yes, we don’t mind talking to you. The pay-over-phone process is also automated and equally secure and confidential; just call us and we'll take it from there.

20. Can I switch between the razor blade models? How easy is it to upgrade or simplify?

Yes; anytime you do, the compatible handle is on the house. It’s hard to beat the low price of free.

21. How can I cancel my order?

How dare you.

Okay, yes, you can cancel any time before the order is shipped (usually between 4 hours of placing a confirmed order), however, if the package is shipped, then we won't be able to take cancellations at that stage. But, you can always call or write to us and we'll guide you to return the parcel to us in original unused condition within 3 days of receipt, and we will refund you the full purchase amount, minus the shipping/handling costs.

22. Will you marry me?

No. But we guarantee you a lot of action.