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What you should know:
  • 3 sharp USA made blades, set at the most optimum spacing and angle.
  • Suits nearly all beard and skin types comfortably.
  • If you're not sure - go with this.

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This Razor gives you the most economical one stroke shaving solution available in the market

  WayToShave(with free home delivery) Leading Brand
4 Cartridges Rs.299 Rs.432
8 Cartridge Rs.549 Rs.699
12 Cartridge Rs.699 Rs.1060
Average price per cartridge Rs.74 Rs.108
Savings per cartridge Rs.34 / 31% Just over 2 cartridges will get you a free shaving cream tube which lasts more than a month.
Savings in an year Rs.722 / 34% Doesnt sound too much ! Thats more than a month of HD viewing on Netflix, you GOT fans.

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