About Us

We’re a business that assumes its consumers are smart. 

In fact, we bank upon that. Our bank banks upon that.



First off, we did not invent this model. We saw Dollar Shave Club succeed with it in the US and after some evaluation and some changes, we brought it to India. 


Phew. That’s a load off our clean-shaven chests.

All right, but what is this model? And what is our WayToShave.com?

It’s a shaving club for the endangered species of smart men who like to remain smooth.

Remaining smooth just requires you to shave regularly and more importantly change your blades regularly.

It sounds simple on electronic paper but you very well know it isn’t. 

And some companies, actually one company endorsed by clean-shaven sportsmen, makes sure changing blades isn’t easy.


We used their blades ourselves. 

We men didn’t ask for hair on our face. 

Why should we pay a fortune to get rid of it? And not just that, keep a track of changing blades and then walk miles to buy one. 

So we either economise or get lazy and keep dragging dull blades (Falling prey to the propaganda that a blade can last for months). 


Enough of cribbing. Now we offer a solution. 

Great quality Made-in-USA blades on great handles, delivered to your doorstep at a fraction of the price you’re used to pay. How?

We take the bullshit features out. Giving vibrators on razors?

Come on.

Also, there’s no middleman. We send stuff directly from our warehouse. 

More importantly, no sportsman. We keep business and pleasure separate. So should you, brother.


You end up with the benefits of changing blades regularly and conveniently.

And you end up a sharp man with a plan. 

Our Shaving Club members don’t even have to flex their brain muscles. We take care of delivering blades at the frequency you’d want to change them on. 


We can ramble on. But we’re sure you get where we are coming from. You’ve thought about this.

Try our products and services to know how well are we living up to this successful model. 

We respect your intelligence and smarts. In fact, brother, we bank upon them. 


If you want vibrators on your razors, please don't bother.

Everyone else, welcome to the club.